O’Leary – Meals on Wheels

Serving Area: O’Leary 


Mason Rennie, Coordinator
(902) 859-0250

Dan MacDonald, Volunteer
(902) 859-3149

Quick FAQs:

Delivery Area: O’Leary Meals on Wheels delivers to the O’Leary area. If you are not sure if you are close enough to O’Leary to receive meals, give us a call at 902-859-0250 or 902-859-3149

Cost: The cost is $3.25 per meal.

Signing Up: Call Mason at 902-859-0250 or Don at 902-859-3149.

Information needed: We will take your information (contact information, dietary restrictions, days you would like to receive meals, etc.) and get you on the schedule as soon as possible. If we are currently at capacity for serving meals, we can put you on a waitlist.

Payment: We arrange to pick up payment every two weeks, usually every second Friday. Payments are made for two weeks in advance. Cash is accepted.

Meal Details: The meals consist of an entree, a starch side (bread, etc.), and a dessert. For example, you may receive lasagna with a garlic bread side and a brownie for dessert.

Cancellations: We do take cancellations! Call Don at 902-859-3149 or the kitchen at 902-859-0006. You must call 9:00am the day of delivery if you would like your meal canceled. If you call after that time to cancel a meal, we cannot guarantee that we can cancel the meal and you may still be charged for it.

Delivery/Pickup: Meals are delivered directly to you at your door. We do require that you be present to receive your meal. Alternatively, you can pick up your meal. Let us know which you prefer! Meals are delivered or available for pickup on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Eligibility: In order to become a Meals on Wheels member, you must be a senior, have an identified need, or have a disability. Special cases are considered.

Volunteering: Interested? Call Don at (902) 859-3149.