Montague – Meals on Wheels

Serving Area: Montague


Linda Bouderault, Coordinator
(902) 326-1440

Quick FAQs

Delivery Area: Montague Meals on Wheels delivers to the Montague area and up to 1KM outside of Montague. If you are not sure if you are close enough to Montague to receive meals, give us a call at 902-326-1440.

Cost: $4.00 per meal

Signing Up: Give us a call at 902-326-1440.

Information needed: We will take your information (contact information, dietary restrictions, days you would like to receive meals, etc.) and do our best to get you on the schedule within a week. If we are currently at capacity for serving meals, we can put you on a waitlist.

Payment: Payments are picked up by the Coordinator the last Friday of the month. Cash, online payment (e-transfer), and cheque are accepted methods of payment.

Meal Details: The meals consist of an entree, a starch side (bread), and a dessert.

Cancellations: We do take cancellations by phone at 902-326-1440. You must call by the evening before the set delivery if you would like your meal canceled. If you call after that time to cancel a meal, we cannot guarantee that we can cancel the meal and you may still be charged for it.

Delivery/Pickup: Meals are delivered directly to you at your door. We require that you be present to receive your meal. Alternatively, you can pick up your meal. Let us know which you prefer! Meals are delivered Monday to Friday.

Eligibility: In order to become a Meals on Wheels Member, you must have an identified need or be housebound. You can self-refer or you can be referred by other health or mental health professionals. Special circumstances will be considered.

Volunteering: Interested? Call Linda at 902-326-1440.