Kensington Meals on Wheels serves the Kensington area of PEI. If you would like more information or to sign yourself or a loved one up for Meals on Wheels, please give us a call at 902-439-4365. Find Kensington Meals on Wheels’ website here.

See other FAQs below!


Coordinator: Brenda Peters
Daytime: 902-439-4365 | Evening: 902-886-2258


Where do you deliver?

Kensington Meals on Wheels delivers to the Kensington area within 5km. If you are not sure if you are close enough to Kensington to receive meals, give us a call at 902-439-4365.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $8 a meal. 

How do I sign up?

Give us a call at 902-439-4365. We will take your information (contact information, dietary restrictions, days you would like to receive meals, etc.) and do our best to get you on the schedule within a week.

How can I pay for my meals?

Call Brenda at 902-439-4365 to arrange payment to be picked up, mailed, or to arrange a drop off location.

What do the meals consist of?

The meals consist of an entree, a starch side (bread, etc.) and/or soup, and a dessert. For example, you may receive meat and potatoes, a bread roll, and a brownie for dessert].

What if I have dietary restrictions?

We can accommodate most dietary restrictions – just let us know when you sign up! Though we do cater meals depending on dietary restrictions, there is no menu to choose from.

What if I need to cancel my meal?

We do take cancellations by phone at 902-439-4365. You must call the day before by 6:00pm if you would like your meal cancelled. If you call after that time to cancel a meal, we cannot guarantee that we can cancel the meal and you may still be charged for it.

How are meals delivered?

Meals are delivered directly to you at your door. Alternatively, you can pick up your meal. Let us know what you prefer!

Do I need to be there to receive my meal?

Yes, we do require that you be present to receive your meal.

Are there any criteria to becoming a Meals on Wheels client?

In order to be a client, you must be a senior, have an identified need, have a disability, or be housebound.

I want to volunteer with Meals on Wheels! Who do I contact?

If you want to volunteer with us, call Brenda at 902-439-4365.